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Κωδικός: TOP LUBE

Top-Lub is a synthetic, transparent adhesive lubricant for the
permanent lubrication of all types of highly stressed mechanical parts.
WEICON Top-Lub has a high adhesive and spinning strength and
outstanding creeping properties. It is pressure-resistant, waterrejecting
and can also be used during on-going operation in compliance with the
respective safety regulations.
It does not attack the following plastics and elastomers: PTFE, PE, PA,
fl uorinated - , butadiene and silicone rubber, and polychloroprene. The
following materials have a limited resistance: PE-LD, POM, PP, NBR.
WEICON Top-Lub can be used to force-transmitting bolts, gears and
worm gears, high-speed machinery parts, joints and couplings, wheels
and bearings and spring assemblies in many industrial sectors.

Surfaces to be treated must be clean and dry. Shake can and spray at
about 15 cm from surface. Product may, thereafter, be applied also
while parts to be lubricated are in operation, subject to respect of the
relevant safety regulations.

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